Women's Wellness Over 40 Daily Packs

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Are you over 40? Did you know that women over 40 have different optimal nutrition requirements? 

"Dr. Bryan's Premium Youth Enhancement Formulas combine the most extensive ingredients in the industry specifically for women over 40!"

"This is formulated for women who are tired of taking so many different supplements form so many separate bottles each day." -Dr. Bryan.

This formulation combines a daily vitamin and mineral supplement with extra calcium and vitamin D, 42 fruits and vegetables, digestive enzymes that deplete as we age, probiotics, spirulina, kelp, citrus bioflavanoids, green tea, fiber, echinacea, GLA, ALA, EPA, DHA from fish oil. 

Dr. Bryan's formula also contains the following herbs to support sexual health in women over 40... black cohosh, red clover, blessed thistle, wild yam, licorice root, sage, resverertrol, chasteberry, dong quai plus amino acids.

All this in one convenient serving packet taken each day, and at a price that makes it a great saving of both time and money!