About Us

"After seeing so many companies that were selling "supplements" that contained chemicals and fillers that were actually bad for people to ingest, I decided I had to do something. 

In my private practice I began to sell only natural products that contained no fillers or chemicals that could harm my patients. I was then encouraged to develop a supplement line to promote healthy aging in Americans and that gave birth to Dr. Bryan's Youth Enhancement Formulas.

Our Women's and Men's Wellness Over 40 packets were the first of our line.  They are so convenient as one packet has the ability to replace 6 different bottles of supplements.  I used to spend more time taking my supplements than shaving for work!  The packets are also the most cost effective way to take your daily supplements.

Now we help people achieve better health with these products all over the country. These products are made right here in the USA." 

In Health,

-Dr. Bryan Schuetz